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Custom Mix produces the highest quality growing blends for discerning plant producers. 


We provide growing media logistics for high profile bagged product, state-of-the-art seedling production, tissue culture transplants and revegetation formulations for environmentally sensitive locations, to name a few.  Landscape contractors plant with confidence when using our customised blends.


Custom Mix was born from Lyndale Nurseries demand for consistency, utilising the best of available growing media ingredients to produce 3 million outstanding plants every year.


Malcolm Woolmore got to work with this goal in mind.  Malcolm used his science background to research and develop a system that has stood the test of time and continues to deliver excellence in both products and service.


Our customers individual blends are pH and EC tested ensuring uniformity.  Additionally, we retain samples of each mix we manufacture.

Our company standards of excellence have been recognised in our accreditation in New Zealand as a Growing Media Supplier along with our EcoHort Certification.


Plants love the difference

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